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Antibothis : occultural anthology, vol. 2

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Erik Davis; Orryelle; Carl Abrahamsson; Brian Dean; Antero Alli; Vincent Alexzánder; Vadge Moore; Magus Coyotel Leyba; Louis Fleischauer; Chad Hensley; Boyd Rice; Stefan Szczelkun; Andrew M. Mckenzie; Fernando Cerqueira; André Lemos; Center for Tactical Magic; Critical Art Ensemble


Cascais : Chili Com Carne; Lisboa : Thisco, 2008

Series:  (THISCOvery CCChannel collection; 2)



Acquisition:  Oferta Thisco
Physical Description:  143 p. : il.; 24 cm + CD (74 min.)
Notes:  Acompanha o CD com a cota 400.ANT.22971/X
Textos de Erik Davis, Center for Tactical Magic, Carl Abrahamsson, Brian Dean, Vincent Alexzánder, Vadge Moore, Magus Coyotel Leyba, Critical Art Ensemble, Chad Hensley, Stefan Szczelkun, Andrew M. Mckenzie; e entrevistas a Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Antero Alli, Louis Fleischauer e Boyd Rice.
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Call Number:  650.60.ANT