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Peg o'my heart and other favorite song hits [Música impressa] : 1912 & 1913


Stanley Appelbaum

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Irving Berlin; Chris Smith; Henry Marshall; Al Piantadosi; Fred Weatherly; Angel Villoldo; Rudolf Friml; Maurice Abrahams; James Kendis; Jack Judge; Harry Williams; Gus Edwards; Emmerich Kálmán; Victor Schertzinger; George Norton; George Whiting; George Bennard; Jimmy Monaco; Victor Herbert; Zo Elliot; Ernest Ball


New York : Dover, 1989

Colecção:  (Popular music for the piano)



Descrição Física:  [8], 167 p. : il., pautas de música
Notas:  Disponível na Biblioteca Municipal Orlando Ribeiro - Serviço de Fonoteca
Notas Conteúdo:  Contém:
1. At the devil's ball. 2. Ballin' the Jack. 3. Be my little baby bumble bee. 4. Choclo. 5. Danny boy. 5. El choclo. 6. Giannina mia. 7. He'd have to get under - get out and get under. 8. Hitchy koo. 9. If I had my way. 10. It's a long, long way to tipperary. 11. Look out for Jimmy Valentine. 12. Love is like a firefly. 13. Love's own sweet song. 14. Marchéta. 15. The Memphis blues. 16. Moonlight bay. 17. My melancholy baby. 18. My wife's gone to the country. 19. The old rugged cross. 20. Peg o' my heart. 21. Row, row, row. 22. Snookey ookums. 23. The sweethearts of sigma chi. 24. Sweethearts. 25. Sympathy. 26. That international rag. 27. There's a long, long trail. 28. The trail of the lonesome pine. 29. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee. 30. When I lost you. 31. When Irish eyes are smiling. 32. When it's apple blossom time in Normandy. 33. When the midnight choo-choo leaves from Alabam. 34. You can't stop me from loving you. 35. You made me love you.
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