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The Mikado [Música impressa] : in full score


William S. Gilbert

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Arthur Sullivan; Carl Simpson; Ephraim Hammett Jones


New York : Dover Publications, cop. 1999



Edição:  New edition / by Carl Simpson and Ephraim Hammett Jones.
Descrição Física:  1 partitura ([XIV], 350 p.); 29 cm
Notas:  Não disponível
Notas Conteúdo:  1. Overture.
Act one: Courtyard of Ko-Ko's official residente.
2. If you want to know who we are. 3. A wandering minstrel I. 4. Young man, despair. 5. Behold the lord high executioner. 6. I've got a little list. 7. Comes a train of little ladies. 8. Three little maids from school. 9. So please you Sir, we much regret. 10. Were I not to Ko-Ko plighted. 11. I am so pround. 12. With aspect stern and gloomy stride.
Act two: Ko-Ko's garden.
13. Braid the raven hair. 14. The sun, whose rays are all ablanze. 15. Brightly dawns our wedding day. 16. Here's a how-de-do!. 17. Mi-ya sa-ma. 18. A more humane Mikado. 19. The criminal cried as he dropped him down. 20. See how the fates their gifts allot. 21. The flowers that bloom in the spring. 22. Alone, and yet alive. 23. Willow, tit-willow. 24. There is beauty in the bellow of the blast. 25. For he's gone and married Yum-Yum.
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